Good Morning Yatton!

Good Morning Yatton! Episode 1. 24th March

In Episode 1 of ‘Good Morning Yatton!’, Miss Keeble and Mr Okeden update us on the latest news, set you some challenges and competitions, and wish some children a happy birthday – then Mr Taylor encourages you to get off that sofa and join him for some exercise! Not to be missed!

Good Morning Yatton! Episode 2. 31st March 

In Episode 2, Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood share some of the things you have been sending in, bring you the latest news and discuss their hair issues during these challenging times. Plus more exercise from Mr Taylor!

Good Morning Yatton! Episode 3. 3rd April

In Episode 3, find out if you’re a prize winner as Miss Keeble and Mr Okeden play ‘Spin to Win!’ , Mr Taylor has some new exercises plus Mrs Howard challenges everyone to learn a dance – and even tries to teach it to Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood – surely you can do better than them?!! Enjoy.

Mrs Howard’s Dance Challenge

Just in case Mr Okeden and Mr Heywood’s demo wasn’t clear enough for you (!)…here’s a link to another version of the dance for Mrs Howard’s Dance Challenge: Better When I’m Dancing – dance tutorial  Keep dancing!!



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