Depending upon the number of staff available, weather conditions or state of emergency, the Headteacher will make a decision about closing the school. This decision will be taken by 7.45am and the website and answerphone will updated to give full details about school opening and the likely arrangements for the following day.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ONE SCHOOL MAY BE OPEN BUT THE OTHER CLOSED.

Parents/carers are advised to listen to the local radio station for information about alterations to the pattern of school provision and/or to check the school website or phone school to listen to the answering machine message after 7.45am.  In the event of weather conditions worsening whilst children are at school, parents can continue to check the above sources for information about alterations to the pattern of school provision.  The school will contact Emergency Contact numbers giving information about collecting children.

In the event of the school being closed, staff will remain on the premises to supervise the children.  No child will be sent home early unless met by a parent or friend arranged by the parent.