After School Club


The YAS CLUB is the after school club for children of both Yatton Junior and Yatton Infant Schools. The Club is managed by the Junior School and runs in the School library. The environment is both relaxing and fun for all children who attend. We welcome children of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and those with special needs.

YAS CLUB provides children with a range of activities that will appeal to their age and interests, planned around themes. Access to the hall and playground will also be part of the activities so children who like to be active will be well catered for. All staff working with the children are checked and fully trained including, at least one qualified first aider on site at all times.

YAS  CLUB SNACK Children are offered fruit, biscuits, toast and squash after school and during holidays. Please ensure the staff are made aware of any special dietary or cultural requirements.

YAS CLUB OPENING TIMES The club is open until 6pm on school days and from 8am until 6pm during school holidays and in-service days.  Booking forms for holidays are available to download at the bottom of this page.

If you will be delayed in collecting your child, please call the Play Leader on 07876 588583 to discuss options on child collection as the school office telephone will not be answered after 5pm. 

If a child is collected after 6pm, an additional payment of £7.00 for every 15 minutes will be charged. 

YAS CLUB BOOKINGS & COST Bookings can be made in advance by filling in a booking form, available from both school offices, or by phoning the Play Leader during opening hours. Places are limited and offered on a first come first served basis.¬† A¬†Registration Form¬†must also be completed for all children.¬† Registration will cost ¬£15 per child per year.¬† You can try the club for one week before the fee become liable.¬† Sessions cost ¬£8.50 per child.¬† Inset Days and Holidays will be charged separately.¬† If you would like to use the club as an “occasional user”, the registration fee can be waived and the session fee will be ¬£11.00 per session.¬† Fees are payble via ParentPay. Working parents on lower incomes, who are accessing childcare, can benefit from claiming the childcare element of the working tax credit which can cover up to 80% of the costs of the Club (including the registration fee).¬† Salary sacrifice schemes available from some employers can also be used towards the cost of the YAS CLUB. If you would like to find out more about YAS CLUB please pick up a booking form from either school office or download the form below.¬† We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Holiday Club sessions cost £24.00 per child for a full day or £13.50 for a half day, registered user.  For non-registered users sessions are £29.00 for a full day or £16.50 for a half day.

Holiday Club

YAS Booking Form October & Inset 2020

Booking Form INSETS 2020-2021

YAS Booking forms for 2020-2021

BOOKING FORM TERMS 1 & 2 2020-2021

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