Y3 Home Learning

Dear Parents

We really encourage you and your children to be in touch with the teachers – they are available to answer any  queries about the home learning and would love to hear all about what you are getting up to at home while you’re not in school!

Please note: if children wish to email their teacher they must do so under parent supervision through their parent’s email – teachers will not be able to reply to children’s personal email addresses if they have them. We’d love to hear from them, though! Please do not always expect an immediate response – but teachers will respond when they can! The teachers are very much working as a team so if you do not receive a quick response from a teacher (which could be for a variety of reasons under current circumstances) please try another of the year group team.

Mrs Howard               showard@yattonschools.co.uk

Mrs Clarke                  hclarke@yattonschools.co.uk

Mrs Okeden                kokeden@yattonschools.co.uk

Miss Carver                ncarver@yattonschools.co.uk

Mrs Evans                   fevans@yattonschools.co.uk

Please click on the links below to access the latest learning activities for your Y3 child at home (most recent first):

Please note that, in line with other primary schools in the Lighthouse Partnership, we are not sending out new learning tasks for the children over the Easter holiday period. We will have new home learning ready for the week beginning Monday 20th April. We wish you all a very happy, safe and healthy Easter.

Here are some fun things you may wish to try over Easter as a family:

Easter Traditions – Family Fun ideas: Click here  (purely for fun, if you want to try anything!)

Easter Gardens for Wells Cathedral competition (closing date 8th April) – click here

Week beginning 30th March

Stone Age to Iron Age topic booklet

Explanation 30th March

Timetable wb 30 March

Home Learning Ideas

Maths Year-3-2018-19-Spring-Term-Block-5

Maths Year-3-Spring-Block-5-Step-1-PPT-Unit-and-Non-Unit-Fractions

Maths Year-3-Spring-Block-5-Step-1-VF-Unit-and-Non-Unit-Fractions

Maths Year-3-Spring-Block-5-Step-1-RPS-Unit-and-Non-Unit-Fractions

Maths Year-3-Spring-Block-5-Step-2-PPT-Making-The-Whole.pptx

Maths Year-3-Spring-Block-5-Step-2-VF-Making-the-Whole

Maths Year-3-Spring-Block-5-Step-2-RPS-Making-The-Whole

Iron Age Hill Fort activity recap and diary writing

Iron Age Comprehension

Y3 Easter RE  plans and resources

Week beginning 23rd March:

Timetable wb 23 March

Home Learning Ideas

Literacy activities for the week:

Prepositions Poster (To support learning)

George’s Marvellous Medicine Chapter One Reading Comprehension Challenge B – D

George’s Marvellous Medicine Chapter One Reading Comprehension Challenge A

Day 4 Setting Description

Day 3 Using prepositions in sentences

Day 2 Senses grid

Day 1 Prepositions Challenge C

Day 1 Prepositions Challenge B

Day 1 Prepositions Challenge A

Spelling and Handwriting – Homophones and near Homophones

Year 3 Term 2B Spelling Overview

Homophones and near homophones Presentation

A4 PosterHomophone Foldable Book

Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity

Spelling Lists

Word Search Black and White

Word Search

Continuous Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet – left handed

Continuous Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet – left handed

Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Precursive Handwriting Practice Sheet – left handed

Precursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Print Handwriting Practice Sheet – left handed

Print Handwriting Practice Sheet

Maths for the week – Money

Maths Explanation Week 1

White Rose Money overview

Day 1:




Day 2:




Day 3:




Day 4:

Year-3-Spring-Block-2-Step-4-PPT-Subtracting Money



Day 5:




Maths – for those children working at ‘P levels’:

Bar model numbers to 20

mixed number bonds to 20

NUMICON numbers to 20


Please click on the link to access 5 lessons on Plants:

Y3 Science – Plants


Week beginning 16th March:

Self isolating activities week beginning 16.3.20



Spelling ideas

Science sheets

Science Challenge power point 2020 parents


Differentiated Rainforest Layers Activity Sheet

Animal Fact File PowerPoint_

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