Y1 Home Learning

Dear Parents

We really encourage you and your children to be in touch with the teachers – they are available to answer any  queries about the home learning and would love to hear all about what you are getting up to at home while you’re not in school!

Please note: if children wish to email their teacher they must do so under parent supervision through their parent’s email – teachers will not be able to reply to children’s personal email addresses if they have them. We’d love to hear from them, though! Please do not always expect an immediate response – but teachers will respond when they can! The teachers are very much working as a team so if you do not receive a quick response from a teacher (which could be for a variety of reasons under current circumstances) please try another of the year group team.

Mrs Caffrey                 ecaffrey@yattonschools.co.uk

Miss Lloyd                   mlloyd@yattonschools.co.uk

Mrs Beynon                 pbeynon@yattonschools.co.uk

General  resources – useful, ongoing

100 square      Number line to 20     Number line to 50

Handwriting lower case     Handwriting capitals         Handwriting months of the year            Handwriting Digit formation       Handwriting activity sheets


Please click on the links below to access the latest learning tasks for your Y1 child at home (most recent first)

Week beginning 1st June

WB 1st June – planning ready for World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day presentation                World Oceans Day Acrostic Poem          World Oceans Day Colouring In Sheet 

The Five Oceans Labelling Map Activity Sheet

THE RAINBOW FISH – STORY AND ACTIVITIES          Rainbow Fish Colouring           BINGO pdf for family – The Rainbow Fish

Y1 making a musical instrument which sounds like the ocean

Making of Milton story ppt            Making of Milton Worry monster          Making of Milton Jar of Courage ingredients 

Words of the week 1st June 2020

Maths planning week beginning 1st June 2020                  Activity 4 tens frames worksheet (1)

We are not setting specific home learning tasks for the half term holiday week. We encourage you to have a good break and enjoy some fun family activities together. More home learning will be provided for the week beginning 1st June. Happy half term everyone!

Week beginning 18th May

Storytime with Mrs Caffrey and Ozzy: Monday’s story  Tuesday’s story  Wednesday’s story  Thursday’s story  Friday’s story

Parents in Y1 note about feedback

Ozzy Birthday writing for Year 1 18th May

Word of the day wc 18.5.20                   Y1 wordsearch for Word of the Day

Phonics Phase 5 oe       Phonics oe sheet

Phonics Phase 5 au       Phonics au sheet

Phonics Phase 5 ey        Phonics ey sheet

Y1 MATHS wk beginning 18th May 2020                Activity 4 Money. recognise UK notes

Science learning, Year 1 18th May

Y1 Geography persuasion wc 18.5.20

Geography UK Northern Ireland           UK blank map

Geography Y1 and Y2 links

Week beginning 11th May

Storytime with Mrs Caffrey and Ozzy:  Monday’s story    Tuesday’s story   Wednesday’s story     Thursday’s story  Friday’s story

MATHS wk beginning 11th May 2020

Activity 1 finding halves worksheets              Activity 2 worksheet  

 Activity 3 is it a quarter worksheet                Activity 4 halves and quarters

Year 1 wc 11.5.20 Creative Literacy – Instructions on How to Make a Simple Bird Feeder 

Word of the day wc 11.5.20           Year 1 Wordsearch 11.5.20 for Word of the day

Phonics Phase 5 wh    phonics wh sheet

Phonics Phase 5 ph    phonics ph sheet

Phonics Phase 5 ew     phonics ew sheet

Year 1 Science for wk 11th May 2020

Seasonal Pictures Cut and Stick Activity

Geography UK Scotland

Week beginning 4th May

Storytime with Mrs Caffrey and Ozzy:  

Monday’s story  Tuesday’s story       Wednesday’s story   Thursday’s story    Friday’s story

Year 1 wc 4.5.20 Home Learning Creative Literacy activities

Y1 Jack and The Beanstalk ppt         Y1 Jack and the beanstalk story map             Y1 Jack and beanstalk finger puppets

Y1 writing end of week Traditional Tale support 

Word of the day wc 4.5.20

Phonics Phase 5 ue as in cue           Phonics Phase 5 ue as in blue                 Phonics Phase 5 aw

phonics aw       phonics ue as in blue          phonics ue as in cue

MATHS wk beginning 4th May 2020

I can count in 2s worksheet                             I can count in 5s worksheet

Science Year 1 week beginning 4th May

Parts of a plant and flower labelling worksheet

Y1 How to grow a plant wc 4.5.20

Geography UK Wales

Week beginning 27th April

Storytime with Mrs Caffrey and Ozzy – every day this week!  Monday’s story   Tuesday’s story     Wednesday’s story     Thursday’s story     Friday’s story

Design a Creature literacy Y1 Term 5 wc 27.4.20

Word of the day wc 27.4.20

Phonics Phase 5 L4 ea          Phonics Phase 5 L5 oy         Phonics Phase 5 L6 ir

Maths wk beginning 27 April 2020

Maths BarModelling Number Bonds to 10 Differentiated-Activity-Sheets

Science wb 27.4     Leaf ID     Spring Flowers ID

Geography: Countries of the UK         UK map


Week beginning 20th April

Storytime with Mrs Caffrey and Ozzy – every day this week!   Monday’s story    Tuesday’s story    Wednesday’s story    Thursday’s story      Friday’s story

Home Learning wc 20.4.20

My Jam Jar Wishes example Y1 Monday 20.4.20 

Marvellous Medicine ideas Y1 Tuesday 21.4.20

Word of the day wc 20.4.20

Chocolate cake

UK Landmark London Bridge photo

The Lighthouse Weds to Friday 22.4.20 – 24.4.20

Maths plans for week beginning 20th April 2020

one more one less numbers to 50 (1)

100 square worksheet

Please note that, in line with other primary schools in the Lighthouse Partnership, we are not sending out new learning tasks for the children over the Easter holiday period. We will have new home learning ready for the week beginning Monday 20th April. We wish you all a very happy, safe and healthy Easter.

Here are some fun things you may wish to try over Easter as a family:

Easter Traditions – Family Fun ideas: Click here  (purely for fun, if you want to try anything!)

Week beginning 30th March

Storytime with Mrs Caffrey and Ozzy – every day this week!                     

  Monday’s story    Tuesday’s story    Wednesday’s story      Thursday’s story     Friday’s story

Home Learning Y1 30th March

Maths lessons for week beginning 30th March 2020

Scavenger Hunt Inside and Outside

Word of the day



Week beginning 23rd March:

Y1 home learning wc 23.3.20.docx

Common Exception words y1 for every day (1)

Science Ideas this week.docx

Weather record for whole week (1)

suffix ed for Past Tense ppt Weds

suffix ed for Past Tense Differentiated Sheets Weds (1)

Easter Story ppt Thursday (1)

Maths compare the tens frames to the 2 digit numbers – Friday

Sorting animals ppt Monday

Sorting Animals into Sets Science Monday (1)

Week Beginning 16th March:

Covid19 Year 1 closure plan (1)

Y1 Covid19 timetable wc 16th March  (2)

Rainforest layers PPT (1)

ing ch 2 (1)

Challenge 1 length and height (1)

Challenge 2 length and height

Challenge 3 length and height (1)

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