About ParentPay

Yatton Schools are now “cashless” and payments for all school meals, music tuition,  school trips, Breakfast Club and After School Club must be made via ParentPay.

ParentPay is used to make online payments to school for lunches, music tuition, school trips, Breakfast Club and After School Club.  If you would prefer to pay by cash or are unable to opt for payment via the Internet, please request a PayPoint card to enable you to pay for school lunches. All other items will require a bar-coded letter which we can provide you from the school office(s).  Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries.  The Parents-User-Guide 2015 is also helpful if you get stuck!

You will receive an activation username and password for ParentPay when your child joins the school.

We also use ParentPay to send newsletters, letters and messages home.

We try very hard to improve the service that we deliver to you and to your children by communicating as frequently as possible so that everyone is kept informed.  However, sending written information home through “pupil post” can be rather ‘hit and miss’ with information often going missing on the way!  We are also increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the amount of paper we use.  We are now using a service called ParentPay which enables schools to send their letters and messages direct to parents by email and text message if that is the preferred method of communication.  This means that you should receive information from the school in a more reliable and efficient manner, and will not have to trawl through the contents of your children’s school bags!  You can also receive text messages to alert you to cancelled after-school activities/clubs and also school closure due to extreme weather conditions as in recent days.

Although we would prefer for as many families to sign up to this service as possible, it is your choice.  We will continue to send written communication to you if you would prefer.

ParentPay Changes – June 2016

ParentPay have changed the way that you pay for items online. They have set up My Account, which now means that when you wish to pay for school meals or other items, parents will need to click “Pay for items” after topping-up My Account. All credit on items can still be found in each of the item balances.  Please download the guidance if you need any help.