Minutes of Governors Meetings

The Local Board of Governors meet once a term as do the two main Committees – the Pupil Quality Assurance Committee and the Business Committee.

Approved minutes from the academic year 2018/19 are posted here for information. Minutes from previous years are available upon request from the Clerk to the Governors. Please email edobbs@yattonschools.co.uk for further information.

1. Local Governing Board 11.09.18

2. Business Committee 25.09.2018

3. PQA Committee 26.09.2018 

4. Local Governing Board 15.10.18

5. Business Committee 20.11.18

6. PQA Committee 28.11.18

7. Local Governing Board 10.12.18

8. Business Committee 29.01.19 

9. PQA Committee 20.01.19 

10. Local Governing Board 11.02.19 









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