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Children at Yatton Schools benefit from a rich and varied curriculum which meets the requirements of the National Curriculum.

At the heart of our curriculum is the desire to make learning fun, engage children, develop relationships and provide children with a wide range of opportunities to learn in different ways. The curriculum is largely taught through a topic based approach; during the course of the school year, each year group cover topics with a science, history or geography focus or based around a text. Where subjects do not fit easily into the topics they are taught discretely – often RE, Computing, PE, PSHE, some science and MFL (Modern Foreign Language, in the Juniors).

First hand experiences play an important part of our curriculum and topics usually have visits, visitors or other ‘wow’ moments to engage and motivate our learners.

The school is currently re-developing the curriculum to match the new requirements of Ofsted. We are concentrating this year on English, Mathematics, PSHE, History and Science – working with leaders of the subject and all staff to ensure a robust curriculum that has clearly defined end points that are planned carefully so that sticky knowledge is practised, resulting in children being able to ‘ know more, remember more and do more.’

In 2014 Subject Leaders used the National Curriculum documents to develop the intent for all subjects in our curriculum and this has been taught throughout with no narrowing as we firmly believe that children must experience learning across all subjects.

The curriculum currently is planned in sequences of learning that builds on previous learning; however, leaders are reviewing this in all subjects to ensure these sequences build coherently on the ‘sticky knowledge’ so that there are no gaps that will be obstacles for children moving on successfully in their learning.

The curriculum is planned to ensure all children access it as is appropriate to their needs. SEND children follow the same learning sequences as their peers when appropriate; if not, they have a carefully planned learning menu that meets their small step targets with an emphasis on increasing independence and fluency in learning.

Disadvantaged children have the same opportunities to access the curriculum as their peers – for example, after-school activities and all trips are funded through our ‘Join-Up, Join-In’ provision. This provision also provides children with the opportunity to buy books to enjoy at home.

Being a Yatton Learner underpins all learning in the school and develops children’s skills in becoming a lifelong learner. In the Early Years these are dinosaur-based to help engage our youngest children.

Learning College is a unique part of the curriculum offered to every child at the Yatton Schools -developed to give all children a say in their learning and embrace new experiences, opportunities and life skills. Find out more about Learning College here


All plans produced by the schools should be read in conjunction with the Primary National Curriculum which can be download here.

Reception (Early Years)

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Reception Term 1 –  EYFS Term 1 overview 2019

Reception Term 2 – EYFS Term 2 overview 2019

Reception Term 3 – EYFS Term 3 overview 2020

Reception Term 4 – EYFS Term 4 overview 2020

Reception Term 5 – EYFS Term 5 overview 2020

Reception Term 6 – EYFS Term 6 overview 2020


Maths Intent Statement 

Maths Medium Term Plan Year 1

Maths Medium Term Plan Year 2

Maths Medium Term Plan Year 3

Maths Medium Term Plan Year 4

Maths Medium Term Plan Year 5

Maths Medium Term Plan Year 6

Yatton Schools Calculation Policy 2020



Science Intent Sept 2020

Science Long Term Plan Sept 2020





Art Curriculum Statement


Infant Music Statement of Intent 2019-20

Music Curriculum  in Yatton Junior School

Physical Education


Religious Education

Awareness. Mystery and Value (AMV) overview of study units for Infants and Juniors

Yatton Church of England Junior School RE overview 


LSP History Intent 

History Intent Statement (Infants)

History Intent Statement (Juniors) 

History Long Term Plan Sept 2020

History Overview Y1 2020-21

History Overview Y2 2020-21

History Overview Y3 2020-21

History Overview Y4 2020-21

History Overview Y5 2020-21

History Overview Y6 2020-21


Geography Intent statement 

LSP Geography Intent

Y1 Geography Overview 2020-21

Y2 Geography Overview 2020-21

Y3 Geography Overview 2020-21

Y4 Geography Overview 2020-21

Y5 Geography Overview 2020-21 

Y6 Geography Overview 2020-21 

PSHE (including Sex & Relationship Education)

Jigsaw Overviews:


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