Curriculum & Assessment

Yatton Schools have a dedicated, experienced and well-qualified team of teachers and support staff whose expertise has enabled us to respond positively to recent changes in education.

The staff across the schools are organised into School Development Teams and, by working together, ensure that colleagues are kept well informed of current developments and arrange appropriate staff training.

As schools,  we follow the National Curriculum subject orders.  For each of these,  there are programmes of study,  which set out the the matters,  skills and processes to be covered by each pupil.


Yatton Schools believe that effective assessment can drive improvements in learning for all learners. In the schools we use a mixture of both summative and formative assessment to help us to support and challenge learners.

Our assessments:

  • Give reliable information to parents about how their child, and their child’s school, is performing
  • Help drive improvement for pupils and teachers
  • Make sure the school is keeping up with external best practice and innovation


The most important assessment of learning for our learners is in the feedback we give. Both schools have a comprehensive Marking and Feedback policy that encourages response from our learners. Our skills at effective feedback are constantly developing and all teachers this year will receive CPD on AFL from the leading professional, Dylan Williams in March.

Yatton Schools engage with the local authority in moderation sessions on assessment from the EYFS up to Year 6, working with colleagues from across North Somerset to ensure consistency and sound judgements. In house writing moderation also happens annually.

This year the leadership will be developing a new assessment framework for the schools that will keep these principles to ensure future success for our learners. The leadership are looking at innovations from experts such as Dame Alison Peacock and Dr Tim Oates to inspire and guide this work.

For more information about 2015/16 Life Without Levels, please look at the information below:

Life Without Levels2

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