Junior School Charity Week raised a whopping £551.70!

Well done to everyone involved in last term’s Charity Week.  The children raised a magnificent £551.70 which was sent to Cancer Research UK and Dogsfriends UK.  These charities were chosen by the School Council and congratulations and thanks to the children and the generosity of all who donated.

Ofsted Outcome – April 2017

We are proud and thrilled to share the news that the Junior School received a “Good” Ofsted judgment from its recent inspection. Please spend some time reading the report. I, as Chair of the Board of Governors, would like to congratulate all staff, as well as governors, for their hard work and dedication over the past couple of years to ensure a good outcome. This coupled with our “Outstanding” Infant School now provides a clear visibility to everyone as to the quality of education provided within the Yatton Federated Schools.

Download the report here.

Cases of Scarlet Fever

We have recently been notified of a few pupils being diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. What used to be a dangerous disease is now much less serious and common due to antibiotic treatment. However, if you think your child has Scarlet Fever, it is important to consult your GP. Children should not return to school until they have received antibiotic treatment for a minimum of 24 hours. Please Download the fact sheet for more information.