Business Committee – 2nd May 2018

The Business Committee met at the beginning of May. There is much to discuss with regards to the  changeover of policies and finance procedures now that we have joined the LSP. Health and Safety and Premises development were also reviewed as part of the Committee’s responsibilities.

As academies, the school financial year has changed to start in September.  This means that Governors are now busy looking at setting a new budget for both schools – both for the next 5 months and for the next academic year.

Wendy Griggs

Vice Chair of Business Committee

PQA Committee – 27th September 2017

PQA Committee – 5th July 2017

The Pupil Quality Assurance Committee of Governors met on Wednesday, 5th July. The excellent recent Ofsted report made us think that perhaps this would be a simple and quick meeting, but, in fact, we spent quite a bit of time discussing outcomes and achievements for this year, with a view to identifying key school improvement issues for next year. The Committee also discussed a playground accident in the Infant School and how the school responded and lessons learnt.

Chris Jackson, Chair of Pupil Quality Assurance

Business Committee – 4th July 2017

I am pleased to report that Governors at the Business Committee meeting on 4th July considered two items that will immediately benefit our pupils. Firstly, we appointed a contractor to refurbish the Junior ICT Suite for the use by all pupils across both schools.  This project has been part-funded by the enormous generosity of parents and the community and the hard work of the YFSA Committee. We are excited that this project can be carried out during the summer break. Secondly, due to increased pupils numbers and the positive impact that this will have on the school budget in the future, as well as the prudent management of our finances and confidence in this years’ budget, the Committee was pleased to support a proposal from the Leadership Team to invest additional resources in further LSA posts in both schools to further support our children’s learning.

Ian Harris, Chair of Business

PQA Committee 10th May 2017

The Pupil Quality Assurance Committee of Governors met on Wednesday, May 10th. Although this was the first meeting since the Ofsted inspection of the Junior school, the report of the inspection was still not available so we focused mainly on the Infants. The data show that the school is well on track to achieve the end-of-year targets, with most children making good or better progress. Those that need it are getting extra help to try to make sure that everyone is able to fulfil their full potential.

Chris Jackson

Chair of PQA Committee

PQA Committee – 8th March 2017

Governors held a regular Pupil Quality Assurance committee meeting on 8th ​March. The data that were presented were from the Junior School, and we​ were pleased to see ​a set of ​strong ​results.

Chris Jackson

Chair of PQA


PQA Committee – 25th January 2017

Governors held a regular Pupil Quality Assurance committee meeting on January 25th. They were pleased to see very encouraging data, particularly for writing, which has been an area of relative weakness in the past. Progress in all subjects is looking good in both schools.

Chris Jackson

Chair of PQA Committee

Business Committee – 22nd November 2016

The Business committee met for its last meeting of 2016 on 22nd November.  Much of the discussions revolved around the current school budgets (we still have two, although the schools are federated).  The schools are experiencing a huge period of change as we move towards becoming academies and joining a Multi Academy Trust. There are also changes to schools funding due to changes at both national and local level.  The Committee is therefore making decisions in respect of future financial years with these challenges in mind.  However, we are always keen to ensure that we give the very best opportunities to our pupils with the funding that we receive and were pleased to agree, in principle, spending for improvements to ICT hardware across the schools, which will be exciting for both pupils and staff, and further improve our ability to deliver computing curriculum and improve our ICT provision.

Ian Harris

Chair of Business Committee

Parental Satisfaction Questionnaire 2016

The PQA Committee met on November 23rd. The main talking point at this meeting, in addition to our usual business, was a survey of parents/carers. The survey asks parents what they think about the school, whether their children are making good progress and are happy, and explore other important indicators of how the school is serving its pupils and parents.
The survey is carried out online and is accessible via this link:
Please take a few minutes to complete the survey – we really do appreciate hearing your views.

PQA Committee – 6th July 2016

The Pupil Quality Assurance Committee of governors met on July 6th. Most of our discussion centred on the Key Stage 2 data released just the day before. The results show that the school has done a great job and is above local and national results pretty much across the board. One particular area for continual monitoring is how pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium grant are doing relative to the rest of their peer group, and this is something we will all be working on for the rest of this year and into next. The Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 results are also impressive, with the school hitting all its targets. All in all, the PQA governors were very impressed with the amount of progress the school has made in a short time, and asked Miss Keeble to pass on their congratulations to her hard-working and dedicated staff, who have made it possible.

Chris Jackson

Chair of PQA