PQA Committee – 6th July 2016

The Pupil Quality Assurance Committee of governors met on July 6th. Most of our discussion centred on the Key Stage 2 data released just the day before. The results show that the school has done a great job and is above local and national results pretty much across the board. One particular area for continual monitoring is how pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium grant are doing relative to the rest of their peer group, and this is something we will all be working on for the rest of this year and into next. The Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 results are also impressive, with the school hitting all its targets. All in all, the PQA governors were very impressed with the amount of progress the school has made in a short time, and asked Miss Keeble to pass on their congratulations to her hard-working and dedicated staff, who have made it possible.

Chris Jackson

Chair of PQA