Phonics – Thursday, 19th March 2015

I was invited to join a group of high ability Year 1 children in their daily phonics session. They were asked, “How many ways can you write the sound oo?” I watched the group of confident children as they quickly started to write on their whiteboards, chattering quietly to themselves and each other. I myself started to think. I could think of 4. I listened as children confidently spoke, every child being given a chance to take part. I watched them develop their ideas by using an engaging, fun programme on the interactive whiteboard. They talked about phonemes, graphemes and split digraphs with ease. They identified “oo” words in interesting texts, categorised them into groups and wrote sentences to apply their learning. All of this in one 20 minute session! And in answer to the question… there are seven different ways to write “oo”. Who knew? Did you?

Helen Tyler