Governor Observation – Junior Learning College

Friday 5th December

Governor Helen Tyler visited the school to observe (and take part in) the Junior Learning College activities.

I was particularly impressed with the diverse selection of new activities on offer, both from the teaching staff within the school and from the external experts brought in for this series of weeks.

Having had my hair straightened by two conscientious children in the hair dressing club (much better than my current salon!) I took my seat, with the rest of the junior pupils, to watch an accumulation of performances from a selection of different groups.

Street dancers performed with confidence, music played which had been composed and mixed by budding DJs and the final cut from the pop video group was shared, which they had starred, directed, filmed and edited to produce a wonderfully creative music video.

All was received with enthusiastic applause. What a delightful experience to see proud and confident learners sharing their hard work in such a supportive environment!