Yatton Federation

As you are aware, Yatton Infant and Yatton Junior Schools have federated with effect from 4th April 2011.  This is the first federation in North Somerset and we see this as a positive and supportive way of moving forward and raising standards cross both schools as well as an opportunity to offer children a wider range of opportunities.

Our single Federated Governing Body met for the first time yesterday and will be very busy in forthcoming weeks and months making decisions about how to lead the schools forward in the future. 

We would like the Yatton Federated Schools to have their own logo and “branding” to give children,  staff , governors and the wider community something to identify us with as we move forward in this journey.  We would love the children to come up with some ideas of their own for a new Federated logo and will be setting them a challenge for the Easter Break.

 May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Easter.