Leadership Team


Jo Keeble (Miss) – Executive Headteacher

Jon Heywood – Federated Deputy Headteacher

Emma Hardy– Federated Assistant Headteacher

Sue Warneford-Thomson – Federated Schools Business Manager


Teaching Staff


Sarah Standen & Lucy Redall (job share)  – Class 1 I

Loukia Antounas  – Class 2 I

Rebekah Pearson (currently on maternity leave) and Kate  Lilley (job share) – Class 3 I

Year 1

Emily Caffrey – Class 4 I

Merrion Murgatroyd  – Class 5 I

Phillippa Hawker (maternity cover for Sarah Howard)- Class 6 I

Year 2

Gareth Thornton-Grimes – Class 7 I

Polly Beynon (KS1 Phase Leader) – Class 8 I

Sarajayne Wherlock – Class 9 I

Year 3

Jenny Binns (maternity cover for Laura Jarvis) – Class 1 J

Kate Okeden and  Kristen Worrall (job share) – Class 2 J

Suzanne Skidmore – Class 3 J

Year 4

Kath Williams & Liz Harston (job share) – Class 4 J

Phil Okeden (Phase Leader – science) – Class 5 J

Helen Clarke (Phase Leader – maths)  – Class 6 J

Year 5

Charlotte Conway – Class 7 J

Marisa Stevens – Class 8 J

Mark Hackeson and Tamsin Hockett (job share) – Class 9 J

Year 6

Sam Froggett (Phase Leader – literacy) – Class 10 J

Nina Lilley and Jo Travers (job share) – Class 11 J

James Bertenshaw- Class 12 J


PPA cover – Additional teachers are employed to  provide teachers with Planning,  Preparation and Assessment time (PPA).  The majority of class teachers are allocated half day per fortnight for this purpose. PPA Cover teachers employed are: Abby Taylor, Sarah Cooper & Liz Harston

School Office

Heather Hayward, Rachel Robb & Lyndsey Sprod- Business Support Officers
Lisa Moyse – Clerical Assistant

Site Supervisors

Steve Chard and Paul Escott

Education Support


Debbie Smith

Learning Mentors

Karen Powell and Liz Wellings

Teaching Assistants

Suzanne Eelbeck

Katharine Wolstencroft

Sarah Cooper

Maddie Hill

Caroline Davis

Rebecca Brooks

Di Harris

Learning Support Assistants

Liz Wellings

Sarah Cooper

Diane Harris

Laura Parsons

Glynis Banks

Michelle Wilson

Becky Byrne

Dawn Carpenter

Debbie Hance

Alison McGovern

Caroline Davis

Sarah Patch

Anita Robinson

Carol Worboys

Dorry Brenton

Annette Jones

Jenny Mitchell

Emily Harris

Rebecca Brooks

Tina Bain