Physical Education within the Federation

London Olympics 2012 gave Britain a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire a nation to enjoy sport, and our Federated Schools embraced this opportunity whole-heartedly!

PE Premium/Sports Grant

Physical educationYatton Schools were given £10,600 from September 2013 and the end of March 2014 to use for sports funding.  We have received £18,260 for the 2014/15 financial year, £18,331 for 2015/16 and a further £18,424 for the 2016/17 financial year.

The aim of this funding is to leave a lifelong legacy of an interest in and recognition of the importance of healthy, active lifestyles for all through a greater range of sporting and physical activities across the federation.

In order to decide how to best invest the money, we started by questioning students and staff about: sports they already do in and outside of school; sport they would like to try; ways in which we could develop PE within the school as well as further Continuous Professional Development (CPD) required (for the teachers).

So far, the money is being used to provide the following facilities:

  • Continued membership to the North Somerset PE Association which allows us to access competitions and tournaments throughout the academic year.
  • Access to the North Somerset swimming gala and dance festival.
  • Supply costs to enable teachers to take groups of children to a wide variety of tournaments as well as organising upcoming events.
  • Purchase of new PE resources
  • Warburton’s healthy lunchbox sessions for year 3 and 4 children
  • Learning college sports sessions
  • A new Scheme of Work for PE and training for all teaching staff
  • Purchase of the “Real Gym” Scheme and training for staff
  • Provision of new after school clubs for KS1 including Dance and “Fitness Fun with Friends”.

Associated benefits arising from the use of the money are:

  • Increased participation in inter-schools sporting competitions, including football, cricket, swimming, cross-country, and curling
  • Hockey, netball, dance, running and rugby lunchtime clubs
  • FA football coaching and CPD for year 3 and year 6 classes
  • Raised profile of PE within the school
  • Sport specific CPD e.g. gymnastics, football and basketball

The impact of pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment so far includes:

  • A wider range of children participating in clubs and competitions.
  • Children taking part in new sports or activities
  • The CPD is inspiring and giving confidence to teachers to improve PE lessons

As a school we are already very sport orientated and we hope to use this money to ensure this continues for years to come.

Yatton Junior School – Evaluation of PE and Sport Premium 2015/16 Download

Yatton Junior School Budget Plan September 2016 to August 2017 – Download

Yatton Junior School PE & Sport Premium Fund 16/17 – Evaluation (Feb 2017) Download


i heart pe

If you’d like to be involved, make sure you keep an eye on the PE board for sign up sheets!! 🙂


  • Helen Forrow /

    Please can you confirm where the PE board is located in the school.

  • suewt /

    The board is at the back of the Junior School hall – close to the double doors leading to Year 5.

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