The Full Board of Governors meet once a term as do the two main Committees – the Pupil Quality Assurance Committee and the Business Committee.

Approved minutes from 16/17 are posted here for information. Minutes from previous years are available upon request from the Clerk to the Governors.

Board of Governors 05-09-16

Business 04-10-16

PQA 05-10-16

Board of Governors 17-10-16

Business 22.11.16

PQA 23.11.16

Board of Governors 05.12.16

Business 24.01.2017

PQA 25.01.2017

Board of Governors Meeting 06.02.17

PQA 08.03.2017

Business 20.03.2017

Board of Governors Meeting 29.03.17

Business 09.05.2017

PQA 10.05.2017