Our Federated Schools

Yatton Infant School and Yatton Church of England Junior School share a campus that is situated in the heart of Yatton. Most pupils come from Yatton; others travel from nearby hamlets and villages. Both schools have voluntary controlled status, which means that they are under the control of the Local Education Authority.

In April 2011, after many months of hard work, the two schools were federated to form “The Federation of Yatton Schools’. Federation means that the two schools have a strong commitment to work together for the best of all the children throughout the whole primary age range. The schools share both its leadership and a Governing Body whilst respecting and celebrating the individual ethos of each school. The Infant School has links to the Richard Durban Charitable Trust. The Trust, set up in the 18th century to educate ‘the poor of Yatton’, provides two Foundation Governors.

The Junior School is a Church of England School and has its own distinctive Christian character. The Diocese also has two governors on the Board of Governors. The school aims to provide its community with an education of the highest quality within the contexts of Christian Beliefs and Practices. We have close links with St. Mary’s and other churches.

The Federation’s Mission Statement is:

Together is better; achieving excellence in happy schools.

 Our shared goals are:

Be a strong united school for our community

  • Have creative, happy, confident children
  • Provide stability, consistency and holistic achievement for every child’s journey through the primary years.

 And our shared values are:



RESPECT                    GENTLENESS                        COMMUNITY              PATIENCE

FORGIVENESS                     GENEROSITY                       TRUTHFULNESS

EQUALITY      FRIENDSHIP              JUSTICE                     HAPPINESS


It is our belief that our schools should provide each child with the opportunity to develop his/her talents within a supportive and caring environment. We believe that it right for each child to receive the preparation appropriate to his/her needs and abilities, which will fit him/her for the future stages if education in school and beyond.

The Federation is committed to promoting the concept of a multicultural, multi-ethnic society. Governors, staff and parents make it clear that any form of abuse, racial or otherwise, is unacceptable as is any form of prejudice or discrimination. Positive steps are taken to instil these principles. We believe in equal opportunity for all.

Junior School House System

We operate a house system to encourage good behaviour and a co-operative team spirit.  All the teachers and children are in one of four houses – Maple (Blue), Oak (Green), Rowan (Red) and Willow (Yellow).  Siblings are in the same house.  Merit marks are given for achievement in all aspects of school life i.e. work,  behaviour and sport and bronze, silver and gold certificates are given.  Regular house meetings are held for all members of each house to celebrate the achievements of each child,  At the end of the school year, a shield is awarded to the house with the highest number of merit marks.